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alison Hartley


about me


I seemed to be born with a passion for creativity. If there was something to draw, paint or build as a I child, I did it. 

The smell of flowering hyacinths reminds me of winning prizes for my art at the local flower show as young as 10 years old. I went on to study at Edinburgh College of Art. Despite going into the business world, my creativity never left me - it just came out in different ways: how I decorated our house, how I presented in my career, and the things I made for my children. ​However I have been painting and drawing in earnest again for over 9 years.


My process is to interpret what I see using texture and colour, while still respecting the anatomy of my subject. My work looks like its subject, but is very definitely an artistic interpretation. 

In 2017 I exhibited at the Art Walk, Porty in Portobello, Scotland.  In 2018 I took part in the 'Art for Animals' exhibition in the Breeze Gallery, Jenners, Edinburgh. My work can also be seen at Auchingarrich Wildlife Park and commissions have been delivered to Europe and the Americas.  I typically complete around 12 commissions per year.

I enjoy giving people pleasure through painting living things and the occasional landscape in my own style.  I love portraying people and animals, and in particular their eyes. It’s true – the eyes have it!

Blue Cow Watermarked.jpg

This is the 'blue cow' of my brand. I hope she makes you smile


The gallery shows a selection of prior work and you can buy originals, cards and prints in the shop.  If you want to commission a pet portrait or other animal, do get in touch.

A quick watercolour of a hedgehog. It's lovely watching the animals come to life on the canvas.

You can find more examples of my watercolours in the gallery.

Painting Supplies
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